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Welcome to the 5986/GokuHaru fanclub on DA~
The rules and the info are on the right ->
Enjoy your stay~ ;3
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About 5986-Fanclub

This is a club dedicated to the pairing Gokudera Hayato x Haru Miura from the Anime/Manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

About Gokudera
:bulletred: Gokudera Hayato
:bulletred: Age: 14 / 24 TYL!
:bulletred: Birthday; September 9
:bulletred: About
was born in Italy and is 3/4 Italian and 1/4 Japanese (His mother was half Japanese). His Future dream is to become Tsuna's right-hand man. Despite his image of a rebel, Hayato excels in his schoolwork and aces all his tests. Gokudera also bases a lot of his thinking and academic prowess on mathematical theories that he develops. This is probably due to his rich upbringing, suggesting that he probably had a multitude of private tutors when he was young. He idolizes Tsuna greatly and considers himself to be Tsuna's right-hand man.

About Haru
:bulletpink: Haru Miura
:bulletpink: Age: 14 / 24 TYL!
:bulletpink: Birthday: May 3
:bulletpink: About
Haru Miura is the girl who likes Tsuna, and attends Midori Middle School, one of the toughest elite schools to get into in the area. This contradicts with her upbeat and enthusiastic personality, as well as being known to be somewhat of an airhead. Despite this, she is one of the few characters to know that Tsuna is actually associated with the mafia, although she doesn't know the details (she once said that she would one day become the wife of a mafioso).As stated by Tsuna during the Choice Arc both Haru and Kyoko showed amazing strength of character enduring the trials of living in the future. This gives evidence to the fact that while Haru often wildly jumps to inaccurate conclusions, she has the resolve of a true mafioso. She initially adored Reborn, but after she was saved by Tsuna, she diverted her adoration towards him instead. She loves children and is usually the one to babysit Lambo and I-Pin. She also seems to be very talented at sewing, as she is able to make multiple detailed costumes and dolls. She and Kyoko excel at cooking as well.
According to Tsuna and Gokudera, Future Haru has become more feminine, but her way of thinking is still the same.
After Reborn told Haru of the devastation in the Future, hiding from her details about the Mafia, Haru seems to lose her calm and cries, begging to be taken back home, leading Kyoko to comfort her.
During the Future Arc, Tsuna yells at her and says that she doesn't know anything. Holding back her tears, Haru states that she is always there to listen but that Tsuna has never tried to explain anything. Though she leaves the room crying, they later reconcile after Tsuna apologizes.

Haru seems to be on good terms with everyone in the Family (save Gokudera with whom she often bickers; but generally gets along with) and genuinely wants to help them in anyway she can.

Well, as you can see, Gokudera & Haru may be at different terms, but I have high hopes for both of them! They were made for eachother!

1. Unlimited Submission
2. Must submit something 5986/GokuHaru related. Or Gokudera Hayato and Haru Miura as individuals. (as long as they are not with other people as a couple.)
3. OT3 with 5986 are okay~! (like 598680)
4. Please, no bashing.
5. Respect the other members.








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